PURPOSE: This site is designed to provide information about early Porsche cars - at present it includes models 356 and 912, but will include 911 (pre-1974) in the near future. You can search by serial number of the car, engine, or transmission to get data related to it, including model year, type, use, etc.

Another important function is the database capability, which is intended to collect data about existing Porsche cars, engines and transmissions and make it available for anyone who is interested. If you have the "Kardex" or Certificate of Authenticity for your car, that kind of information is extremely valuable for this site - please contribute your information!

CREDIT: Credit is due to Dr. Brett Johnson,  Marco Marinello and Olaf Lang, who have done extensive research in Porsche 356 production figures. The information provided on this site uses the production figures published in the 356 Registry (Vol. 23, No. 6) in March 2000, along with new information as it becomes available. I would also like to thank everyone who took the time to email me with comments, suggestions, and corrections.

HISTORY: This site is an expansion on an earlier concept (the Porsche 356 Engine Database Project, which grew out of many comments heard on "356Talk"). It first appeared online in a very rudimentary form in October 2000. At first it listed only 356 engine serial numbers available and wanted. Over the summer of 2003, a number of improvements were made, including the addition of 912 functionality, and finally a move in late August to include database capability for all three serial numbers (car, engine, transmission).

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