Q. What is the privacy policy for this site?

A. The privacy policy is here.

Q. Why does the engine and VIN number not match for my car? I am sure they are original, and it says so on the Kardex.

A. Porsche did not put engines sequentially into cars. For this reason, a particular engine might be "newer" (higher serial number) than another engine, yet be in an older car. If this happens around a model year break, it can result in this kind of discrepancy. 

Q. Is there any charge or fee for using or listing on this page?

A. No.

Q. Is this site just for engines?

A. No, although that's how it started out. It now provides and collects data on all three major items with serial numbers - the car, engine, and transmission.

Q. What cars does the site cover?

A. Porsche 356 and 912 (except for 912E).

Q. How do I know what engine should be in my car?

A. Your car may already appear in our database. Check to see if there is an entry. You can also obtain your Kardex or Certificate of Authenticity from Porsche. Instructions can be found on the Porsche 356 Registry website.

Q. Are you selling any of the cars or parts in the site?

A. No, this is just a reference site.

Q. I have some engines that I would be willing to trade or sell, but I don't want to let them all go. What can I do?
Q. What if I don't want people to be able to contact me directly, or I don't want my email address listed?

A. Anyone wishing to contact somebody using the database must contact them through info@356a.com. I will then advise the person with that particular engine that somebody wishes to contact them. I leave it up to that person to pursue the contact. I assume that people wanting a particular engine want to be contacted, so their contact information WILL appear unless otherwise requested.

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